About Us

Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation was co-founded by Mr. Louis Chiu Sheen Charm and Professor Alice Chiu Tsang Hok Wan, BBS, JP, in July 1994. The name “Sheen Hok” is derived from the Chinese characters of their names, which means serving the needy with benevolence “善” and wisdom “學”. Our firmness of belief allows us to spend every dollar raised wisely to those living in a predicament. Our foundation is dedicated to serving the elderly, orphans, chronic patients, the disabled, unprivileged families and the victims from natural disasters while promoting cultural and heritage conservation to envision for a better world.

Over the years, Sheen Hok has supported more than 300 charitable projects, including the Canada-China Child Health Foundation. The funding helped to establish 9 Child Care Centres and facilitated to build 100 Child Care Centres providing essential health and public hygiene training, including disease prevention and dental care and orthopaedic care to new-borns, children and pregnant women. We also emphasise on professional medical training to local medical professionals in the areas of gynaecology and paediatrics. Under the scope of education, we have also established seven Sheen Hok Primary Schools, providing children from underprivileged families with opportunities to receive basic education and one Art Building in China.