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Painting a brighter future

Beneficiary: Yuan Yan Hong School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: high school grade three Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow Village Date of documentation: August 29th 2016

Before we came into contact with Yuan Yan Hong (Xiao Hong), we saw her pictures and had the impression that she was a happy and passionate girl, and from her smile, we couldn’t tell that she had an unfortunate childhood.

Xiao Hong’s father left her whole family behind and disappeared since she was little. Her mother who was frequently ill persevered to support the entire family, taking care of Xiao Hong and her brother. Coming from such a humble family, Xiao Hong’s passion for art became a costly interest, but to support her children’s dreams, her mother worked even harder to nurture her talents. Xiao Hong always enjoyed painting, and with any discussion relating to art, her passion became evident and seemed to eradicate all of life’s pressures as soon as she picked up a brush, and it may be because of her passion for art could she find brightness through the darkness of life.

Through Sheen Hok Rainbow Village, Sheen Hok has been helping high school students in rural communities to pay the tuition fee. When Xiao Hong received her subsidy, her first thought was to purchase a new set of art supplies, as her old set was extremely worn out and was of low quality. However, it broke her heart to ask her mother to purchase these supplies, as this subsidy meant a lot financially for her whole family. Xiao Hong even painted a piece of art for her teacher to express her thanks. Seeing Yuan Yan Hong’s happiness and her appreciation for art, it was easy to be joyful for her.

Being eighteen is a tough test of someone’s teenage years, but we hope that Xiao Hong can remain positive throughout this journey, and allow her talents to paint a brighter future!

Yuan Yan Hong working hard on her homework

Yuan Yan Hong painting a life portrait

Yuan Yan Hong’s drawing

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