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Mr. Louis S.C. Chiu

Mr. Louis S.C. Chiu is the Chairman of Henyep Development Holdings Ltd which has grown rapidly into one of Hong Kong’s leading local financial services companies since its inception in the 1970’s. Under its umbrella is a group of companies specializing in the trading of securities, precious metals, public floatation and underwriting, financial consultancy, corporate finance, real estate development, funds management and other related services. These companies are represented in principal financial centres of the world nowadays. Mr. Chiu is keenly involved in charity work and is recognized as a successful businessman and an outstanding philanthropist with a heart.

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Prof. Alice T.H.W. Chiu,

Professor Alice Chiu has devoted her entire life to charitable work under the scope of elderly care, quality education and medical care since 1970. Her achievement is pivotal to the development of many charitable organizations in Hong Kong and has paved the way for Operation Smile to provide quality surgical care to the underprivileged children born with cleft conditions in China. Other than her philanthropy, she is also a successful entrepreneur who has been actively involving in a wide range of community services across the globe.

Mrs. Chiu’s extraordinary achievements have been globally recognized through numerous awards, the recognition and awards are as follows,

“The Outstanding Philanthropist” award from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service,
“The Leading Women Entrepreneur of the World”,
“World Outstanding Chinese Award”,
“Outstanding Businesswomen Leader”,
“The Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the Government of the HKSAR (2010)” and
‘The Belgium Knight in the Leopold II Order”.

She is also the Chairperson of Operation Smile Greater China,
Founding Fundraising Chairman of Hong Kong AIDS Foundation,
Co-Founder of Friends of Beida,
Founding Chairman of Greater China Culture Global Association,
Yan Chai Hospital Advisory Board Member, as well as
The Organizing Committee Chairman of The Community Chest of Hong Kong.