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一封來自學生家長的信 A letter from a student’s parent





記錄人:彩虹村 付楊


Beneficiary: Gou Wen Ji School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: high school grade three Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow VillageDate of documentation: August 29th 2016






Gou Wen Ji (Xiao Gou) is a high school grade three student at Tongjiang Second Middle School. His grades have always been good, and aspires to be a lawyer just like his father.

However, when his father passed away due to illness, the burden of being the sole financial support for his family of five (including his mother, sister and his elderly grandparents) fell upon the shoulders of his mother who only had a part time job. The low wages of a part time job were barely sufficient for covering the daily medical costs of his grandparents, and had it not been for Sheen Hok and Rainbow Village’s support for this family, Gou and his sister would have dropped out of school by now.

Receiving a letter from Gou’s family was unexpected, and it was as follows:

‘Dear all, I have no ideas how to express my sincere thanks to you all! First, I hope that you and your family are all well and healthy! I am Gou Wen Ji’s mother, and thank you for the support and care to our family! Had it not been for you, my children would have had to drop out of school’. Between each word, we could see their gratefulness shine.

The passing of Gou’s father was a huge hit to Gou, and despite suffering more loss and experiencing more challenges, it matured Gou at his early age. With his determination and aspirations, he always believes that as long as he puts in effort, there will be a day where his dreams will come to fruition.

This is Gou’s message, he always perseveres and tries.

即便是週末,小苟也會在家自覺的學習 Even during the weekend, Gou stays at home to study.

回家後,為了讓辛苦的母親休息一下,煮飯洗碗這些家務就被小苟承包了 After returning home from school,Gou washes all the dishes and helps with chores to alleviate the stress of his tired mother.

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