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仙人掌少年 The Cactus Teenager


受助学生:邹军 所在学校:四川省通江县通江二中 目前年级:高中三年级 记录人: 彩虹村 付杨 记录时间:2016829

Beneficiary: Zou Jun School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: High school grade three Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow Village Date of documentation:29th August,2016





If I had to describe Zou Jun as a plant, I would definitely choose cactus. The school year is around the corner, meaning Zou Jun is about to enter high school grade three. Life in grade three is hectic, yet boring and mindless. Despite feeling the pressure at the beginning of new academic year, his resilience has become especially prominent. He dreams of being a teacher, and has been working very hard towards attending Sichuan Normal University, and despite the difficulties of achieving his dreams, he believes it is worth it.

Zou Jun’s resilience largely comes from his family situation. After his parents were divorced, Zou Jun and his brothers lived with his father. However, because of his brother’s weak body and constant illness in combination with his ageing grandparents, it became extremely stressful for everyone as lots of money went into medical treatment based off his father’s wages. When home life was becoming increasingly stressful and desperate, Zou Jun received help from Sheen Hok through rainbow village, and this came as a surprise to Zou Jun who is extremely grateful.

Because school is far away from home, Zou Jun only sees his family once a month. To see his family all happy and healthy, is more important than anything. Despite only having RMB$500 to use every month, Zou Jun always saves up, and buys fruits for his family when he returns home.

Zou Jun has always been the pride of his family, his devoted and mature personality has never disappointed his family, and hopes that he can always be this strong throughout his life.

放學後小軍總喜歡和同學們在籃球場上打籃球 Zou Jun playing basketball with his friends after school

在課堂上認真聽課的小軍,每天回到宿舍也會看會書複習一下,這是小軍一直以來養成的良好的學習習慣。 Even after paying attention inclass, Zou Jun returns to his form to go over his notes, creating a good study habit.

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