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願你被生活溫柔以待 I hope life treats you gently





記錄人:彩虹村 付楊


Beneficiary: Li Jing School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: high school grade twi Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow Village Date of documentation: August 29th 2016





Shy, introverted and scared were my first impressions of Li Jing, and like his Chinese name Jing, he is quiet and calm. I thought to myself, he must be an amazing child. I turned out to be correct, as Li Jing’s grades were always at the top of the class. Asides from playing table tennis after lessons, all his time went towards studying, and when he has nothing to do, he adores running to the school library, spending whole afternoons to try gain admission into a technology university.

Because of his parents’ divorce, his father had to leave home and work far away, and had to shoulder the burden of his whole family. Li Jing and his two siblings had to move into his aunt’s home. Li Jing feels heartbroken over his father who is also playing the role of his mother, but feel useless for not being able to share his burden.

Li Jing knows that education to everyone is equal: however much effort you put in, is the amount of results you will receive. To change his current life, and allow his family to have a better quality of life, the most efficient way is to study, and use his undying devotion to support him.

Hopefully, one day this introverted yet brave child can be treated gently by life.

勤能補拙,當下了晚自習,小李也喜歡一個人在教室安安靜靜地看會書,預習第二天的課程。Even after lessons, Li Jing enjoys quietly reading in his classroom,and preparing for lessons the next day.

學習之餘,瘦小的小李運動也不會落下! Even outside of the classroom, Li Jing doesn’t fail to impress with his athletic abilities.

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