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我想做一名廚師 I want to be a chef





記錄人:彩虹村 付楊


Beneficiary: Zhang Meng Zhe School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: high school grade three Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow Village Date of documentation: August 29th 2016




When asked about her own dreams, Zhang Meng Zhe didn’t hesitate to answer: ‘I want to be a chef!’. This dream was very different from the dreams of other boys. ‘I envy chefs’ ability to cook good food1 I love cooking food, love experimenting at home, cooking pasta, fried noodles, cooking good meals for my grandparents. It’s the best!’

Not only is Zhang Meng Zhe mature and devoted to his family, his academics are also superb. Even with lots of school work, Zhang Meng Zhe likes to take time out to play basketball. He asys although he isn’t too tall, he loves breaking out a sweat, and getting rid of the stress to feel better!

Luckily, life’s difficulties did not make this hardworking child weak. Hopefully one day, Zhang Meng Zhe can achieve his chef dream and make his grandparents proud!

回到宿舍,小張正在打掃衛生 Zhang Meng Zhe cleaning his dormitory

課餘時間,小張和同學一起打籃球 Zhang Meng Zhe playing basketball with his friends


Feeling the pressure of high school,Zhang Meng Zhe discusses a hard question with his classmate after school

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