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春泥 Spring Mud


受助學生: 何韻 所在學校: 四川省通江縣通江二中 目前年級: 高中三年級 記錄人:  彩虹村 付楊 記錄時間: 2016年8月29日

Beneficiary: He Yun School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: high school grade three Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow Village Date of documentation: August 29th 2016

何韻(以下簡稱小何)來自通江縣廣納鎮萬能村。質樸、踏實認真的她一直是學校的佼佼者,不僅成績優異,與人相處也很和善親切。就是這樣一個溫柔的女孩子,卻有一個並不怎麽幸運的家庭。 母親改嫁,原本穩定的生活卻因繼父一場車禍摧毀。為了借錢給繼父治病,原本就不怎麽寬裕的家庭變得負債累累。隨著小何長大,教育的開支加上背負的債務已經不是母親打臨時工可以承擔的了。得知這個家庭陷入迷茫無助後,香港善學通過彩虹村平臺為這個家庭獻上一絲微薄之力。不想再看到母親為了錢而皺眉的小何對此不勝感激,也讓她明白天無絕人之路,好日子總會來臨。

He Yun comes from Guang Na Town Man Neng Village, Tongjiang Sichuan. Modest and hard-working, He Yun is consistently top of her class, and gets along well with everyone. But it is this gentle girl who has an unlucky family.

After her mother’s remarriage, He Yun’s stable life was ruined when her step-father was involved in a car crash. To afford her step-father’s medical treatment, their once financially stable family were forced to take out loans to cover the costs, and the loans kept stacking up. As He Yun became older, her schooling costs became even more of a burden for her mother who only had a part time job which barely kept the family afloat. Seeing their struggles, Sheen Hok was able to help He Yun’s family through Rainbow Village. Not willing to see her mother suffer from financial issues, He Yun was ecstatic to receive our subsidy to relieve the financial burden, and this helped her realize that there is always a way, and good days will always come.

結束一天緊張的學習, 小何總喜歡吹會兒陶笛放鬆一下 After a day of school,He Yun enjoy playing her ocarina to relax.

正在洗衣服的小何 He Yun washing her clothes

對於老師佈置的作業,小何總是很認真的對待和完成, 不論對待任何事情小何總是保持著一絲不苟的態度 In regards to her homework, He Yun is always diligent and takes things seriously.She maintains this attitude for whatever she faces in life.

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