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來自大巴山深處女孩的平凡夢想 The dream of a girl living deep in the Daba mountain range





記錄人:彩虹村 付楊


Beneficiary: Zhang Hong School: Sichuan Tongjiang Second Middle School Grade: high school Journalist: Fu Yang - Rainbow Village Date of documentation: August 29th 2016






Her name is Zhang Hong, and she lives deep in the Daba mountains for most of the year. She’s shy and introverted, yet possesses the qualities of a kind and genuine person.

Because of her brother’s young age, her mother cannot go out to work, and her father didn’t go through much schooling, and can only work in construction sites to make money for Zhang Hong and her brother. His long working hours have led to his hip joints protruding, adding on to the stress of an already week body. Zhang Hong’s sensibility is prominent during her school holidays, where she gives up hanging out with friends and enjoying herself to help her family out with chores and taking care of her brother. She smiles, lifting her eyebrows and says: ‘people will always learn that you can create joy from suffering’.

From a young age, Zhang Hong has always aspired to become a photographer, but because of her family’s financial status, her dreams could not come true.

This year, through Rainbow Village, Hok Sheen was able to extend its help to students from poor village families, and Zhang Hong was one of the beneficiaries. When speaking of the future, she stated that she hopes to be able to receive training in photography, and achieve her dream of becoming a photography.

We hope one day, we can all see Zhang Hong’s works!

張虹在家裡的時候,基本包攬了所有的家務 When Zhang Hong is home, all chores are performed by her.

為辛苦的媽媽捏捏肩膀。 Massaging the shoulders of her tired mother.

能幹的張虹洗衣服也是一把好手呢! Zhang Hong’s helpfulness is also evident in her clothes washing.

不論發生什麼事,張虹總是帶著她的「招牌」笑容,讓人感受到她的樂觀與熱情。 Regardless of what happens, Zhang Hong always carries her ‘signature’ smile, letting people see her optimism and passion

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