Relevant News

30th December, 2020


A 43-year-old mother named Hong lost emotional control while teaching her 7-year-old elder son homework and attempted to kill him but failed to do so. She then locked herself in the room and hung herself. 

At around 10:00 am, Hong broke down emotionally and threatened to kill her eldest son while teaching him homework and attempted to suffocate him twice with a fleece scarf. After the son managed to escape twice, she locked herself in the room and committed suicide by hanging herself. She was sent to hospital for emergency treatment but was confirmed dead after 3 days. It is reported that this family was facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.


10th May, 2020


In March 2020, Society for Community Organization has conducted a survey and interviewed 277 grass-root families with SEN children to understand the impact of the pandemic has reflected on them. Over 50% of the children were diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), speech difficulties and difficulties with reading and writing. The survey reveals that 83.3% of the SEN parents have had suicidal thoughts in the past two months, reflecting they are under immerse pressure during this tiring time of the pandemic when school is suspended.

8th September, 2019


Caritas Social Centres & Activity Centre and The Internship Lab of The Open University of Hong Kong reveals that the number of psychiatric patients aged 8 to 14 has increased 40% from the previous year. Approximately 30% of them have shown symptoms of depressions that required attention and clinical assessments. 

16th March, 2019


There were two student suicide incidents by students occurred in less than 12 hours. Poon, was a secondary 5 student studying in Long Ping. Police officer later found the will notes in his apartment, revealing that he wanted to take his own life due to living and academic pressure, and depression. At 7:00 p.m. on the same night, another student living in Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Aberdeen, left his will notes and killed himself in his bedroom

5th August 2018


Due to the overwhelming pressure she was facing, a famous Hong Kong singer-songwriter was experiencing emotional difficulties and was further diagnosed with bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder, causing her pause her work to receive medical treatment and therapy. However, due to a relapse in her disorders, she took her own life in her own home in 2018.

17th July 2018

A former nursing student murdered her parents before killing herself, the Hong Kong Police suggested her skin condition (eczema) may have motivated the attack

18th March 2018


A 52-year-old grandmother felt exhausted and devastated from taking care of her 6-year-old grandson with ADHD. She strangled him with the strap of a schoolbag, she then attempted suicide in a hotel