What is SEN


SENSpecial Educational Needs

Hearing issues

Speaking abilities is likely to be affected causing serious communication and social problems 

Attention deficit 
and hyperactivity

Easily distracted and having  difficulties in concentrating especially for sustained periods of time

Intellectual disabilities 

Difficulties in utilizing knowledge and skills, poor attention span and difficulties with paying attention

Difficulties with 
reading and writing

Weaker in organizational skills and  abilities. Typically excel with speaking abilities. 

Physical disabilities

Weaker in body coordination and poor spatial awareness

Visual impairment

Requires heightened focus when learning, use of braille; they get tired easily by staying focus even for a short period of time


Typically lack of emotional response and facial expressions; enjoy solitude and are uncomfortable with change

Speech difficulties

Owing to speech difficulties, often affect their schooling, emotions and social life

Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties 

Adverse emotions and behaviours that diverge from socially accepted norms, impairing their academic & social performance