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Create life-changing moments for the betterment of children around the world

Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation

Serving over 60 countries and 8,000,000 beneficiaries 



We have established 8 schools in remote villages in Mainland China in the name of Sheen Hok New Hope Schools, and funded the construction of the Chiu Sheen Charm Art Building at the University of Zhaoqing, China. Expanding our reach to the community in need, we have supported more than 1,000 orphans and children from underprivileged families with education scholarships, allowing them to continue their education without worrying about the financials. 


Medical Treatment

We have funded the construction of 9 Child Care Centres, participated and facilitated to build over 100 more centres in China. We also strive to provide women and children with basic health and public hygiene training such as disease prevention, dental care and orthopaedic care to new-borns, children and pregnant women. Providing professional medical training to local medical professionals in the specialist area of gynecology and pediatrics is also our priority to sustain the improvement in medical treatment.


Elderly Care

The Yan Chai Hospital Mrs. Tsang Wing Neighbourhood Elderly Centre is currently serving 1,500 senior citizens living in Tuen Mun district. ELCHK, Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation, Kwan Shon Hing Yu Chui Neighbourhood Elderly Centre is currently serving 1,300 senior citizens living in Shatin District. 


Professional Training

Sheen Hok has organized numerous symposiums to share the latest medical technology and insight through international and local ophthalmologists and medical professionals from Mainland China. We have also sent hundreds of local ophthalmologists and optometrists from Mainland China to receive medical training abroad.

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