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What is SEN

Special Educational Needs (SEN) 

Hearing impairment 

  • Partial or total inability to hear, might be unable to deliver a complete message

  • Affects abstract thinking and analytical skills

Weak concentration and Hyperactivity

  • Vulnerable to foreign influences,

  • Difficulty in concentrating

Cognitive disability

  • Unable to utilize knowledge and skills learned

  • Weak concentration


  • Strong speech ability

  • Weak organizational skills

  • Poor body control

  • Weak spatial awareness

Visual impairment

  • Relies heavily on listening and explaining during studying

  • Requires strong concentration, susceptible to fatigue


  • Lack of physical and emotional responses

  • Isolated

  • Restless by changes

Speech impairment

  • Lack of physical and emotional responses

Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties 

  • Adverse emotions & behaviours that diverge from socially accepted norms

  • Impairing their academic & social performance


Guidelines for Teachers of the Education Bureau to Recognize and Help Children with Special Educational Needs

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