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Other Projects

ParknShop (Fight Coronavirus Together  Caring Community) Cash Food Voucher Distribution 2020

Elderly Services

In 1984, Professor Alice Chiu was the 17th Director of the Yan Chai Hospital, Board of Directors. She established an elderly care centre, in the name of “Yan Chai Hospital Mrs. Kwok Yuk Cheung Care & Attention Home”, providing special and patient-tailored services to elderly residents.

In 1987, Professor Chiu was appointed as the Chairman of Yan Chai Hospital, Board of Directors and successfully applied the use of land from Hong Kong government to construct the largest elderly care centre in the 1980s, namely “Yan Chai Hospital Chinachem Care & Attention Home”. It is still widely recognised as the most accredited and greatest elderly care centre up until now in Hong Kong.

In the same year, Professor Chiu funded to construct “Yan Chai Hospital Mrs. Tsang Wing Neighbourhood Elderly Centre”, providing health care services to the elderly living in Tuen Mun. It was the first-ever day care centre for elderly in Hong Kong since 1980s. Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation further invested more therapy machine for elderly physiotherapy and rehabilitation to serve nearly 1,500 elderly residents up until now.

In 2002, “Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation Kwan Shon Hing Yu Chui Neighborhood Elderly Center”, located in Yu Chui Court, Sha Tin, was established to commemorate Professor Chiu’s mother-in-law. Professor Chiu initiated the project and single-handedly organised the construction from application to Hong Kong government to donors’ invitations. The center provides comprehensive and all-round health care services to elderly and the community, offering wide range of services to meet their physical, mental, social and personal needs. Through our considerate support, we hope they could live with health, respect and dignity, as well as build a strong community in Sha Tin as active participants.


(A total of 1320 elderly members in 2020)

Promoting Education in China​

Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation has established 8 schools in the name of “Sheen Hok New Hope School” in the remote villages of China, supporting children from underprivileged families with basic education.

In 2004, Sheen Hok funded HK$1.3 million to the construction of the Chiu Sheen Charm Art Building at the University of Zhaoqing, China and subsidized the education of 100 orphans and children from underprivileged families.


In 2000, Professor Chiu was appointed as the honorary advisor of The China Candlelight Education Fund which facilitates the construction of schools in remote rural area of China, supporting its scholarship awards, teacher trainings, student cultural exchange activities, etc and have established 545 schools including primary schools, special educational needs schools, secondary schools, and universities in 19 provinces and cities of China.

Medical Services - Maternal and Child Health Care

Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation supports『加中兒童健康基金會』 and has donated funds to build 9 Child Care Centers and co-organize 100 centers in China. We have provided training such as disease prevention, dental care, and orthopedic care to newborns, children, and pregnant women, at the same time providing professional medical training to local medical professionals such as gynecologists and pediatricians.​


The Sheen Hok Hok Wan Comprehensive Building in Songzi Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital of Hubei was opened in 2008.

Professional Training

Over the years, we have collaborated with several accredited and well-known hospitals to host numerous symposiums and share the latest medical technology and insight by ophthalmologists from Hong Kong and medical professionals from Mainland China. Sheen Hok has also sent hundreds of local ophthalmologists and optometrists from China to professional medical training abroad. We also funded and performed free and professional medical treatments to children born with amblyopia from the underprivileged families in various regions of China, including Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Harbin, Chengdu, Daqing, Anning, Nanning, Zhongshan, Haikou, Tianjin, Jiangmen, Handan, Ganzhou, etc. There are more than 1,000 quotas of treatment offered to children with amblyopia every year.

The 2019 Operation Smile Volunteer Summit was held on the banks of Fuxian Lake in Yunnan on 10 - 14 January. This summit aims to learn the global medical standards of Operation Smile and share the long-term strategic goals of Operation Smile. In-depth and detailed exchanges and discussions were conducted on complete cleft lip and palate treatment, pain management, difficult airway management, and pediatric emergency management, so as to reserve the backbone for the future development of Operation Smile.

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