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Parent Suppport Network

We understand that low-income families who take care of children with special educational needs also face different life problems every day and are also under tremendous psychological pressure. Especially parents and caregivers, when they are busy taking care of their children, they will neglect or suppress their emotions and feelings for a long time. If they fail to receive professional and timely psychiatric or psychological counseling before emotional outbursts, it may lead to a very dangerous situation and even family tragedy.


In addition to providing timely psychiatric and psychological counseling, we will also organize different workshops to support parents, such as mindfulness workshops, parent-child relationship talks and other interest courses. Through these support services, parents can build a support network in a safe and comfortable environment, and share with other parents their experience and relief in caring for their children.


Estimated service number

  • Provided psychological and emotional counseling to 1,000 parents and caregivers

  • Provide parent-child relationship emotional management training and workshops for 3,000 to 5,000 service users with special educational needs

  • Organizing parent support groups in schools and communities

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