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Grandma’s little leaf

Grandma’s little leaf Mon,08/29/2016-17:30

Little Leaf is an 8 month old baby girl, and when her mother was 4 months pregnant, it was detected that Little Leaf had cleft lip and palate. Both her parents were working in the cities, and originally did not want Little Leaf, but her grandma took upon the responsibility of raising Little Leaf.

Grandma is a heroic old woman, with firmness in her voice, she displays significant authority. Little Leaf is a lucky child, as her grandma has 8 children, 28 grandchildren, yet loves Little Leaf more than the rest, choosing Little Leaf to care for and live with. In grandma’s eyes, Little Leaf is God’s greatest gift to her. Little Leaf’s bright eyes are always twinking, and she’s always smiling, as if she’s saying: grandma is my guardian angel. Under grandma’s care and protection, Little Leaf is about to welcome a brighter tomorrow!

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